Digital Voice

Home VoIP Telephone Service

What is Digital Voice?

Digital voice is our way providing a full cloud VoIP-based telephone system for residential consumers. Wan active partnered with 3CX to provide fully home VoIP service. By using our digital voice service, you pay no line rental all you need is an internet connection.

Cheap Call To International Destination

Call popular international destination for little as 10p /min (USA, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, India, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore much more.

Get UK Unlimited Bundle Minutes

Unlimited calls to UK number 01,02 & 03 also with mobile operators 02 ,EE ,Three & Vodafone.

Free Local Phone Number For Your Home And On The Go

The perfect landline replacement: With digital voice you get a free local phone number from your area code. You can also bring your current phone number with you.

Digital Voice Home

Home VoIP services setup cost only £9.99 

Pay as you Talk

Monthly Contract

£ 9.99 /Month
  • Calls to UK Geographic Numbers 2p /min
  • Calls to UK Mobile Numbers 9p /min
  • International Calls Start From 10p /min


12 Month Contract

£ 17.99 /Month
  • Unlimited Calls to UK 01,02,03 Numbers
  • Unlimited Calls to UK Mobile 02, Vodafone ,EE & Three
  • Calls to other UK Mobiles 9p /min
  • International Calls Start From 10p /min

Important Infomation

Yes all prices above include VAT.

Get unlimited UK calls bundle to geographic  numbers 01,02,03 and mobile operators 02,Vodafone EE & Three.

Full list of all UK calling destination price list 

You can transfer your phone number from your current communications supplier at any time after you subscribe to Wan active service.  The actions you perform to transfer your phone number depends on whether your services are supplied by a cable provider or non-cable provider.  Regardless, prior to the transfer, do not cancel your existing service because you will lose the phone number that you want to transfer. 

Cable Provider

When you transfer your phone number from a cable provider, such as Virgin Media, you can experience minimal disruption to your telephone service on the day that phone number is received by Wan active. Once the phone number is released by your previous supplier, your service with that supplier will be cancelled.  You will not experience any interruption to your broadband services, as the number transfer is unrelated.

Non-Cable Provider

When you transfer your number from a non-cable provider such as BT, your setup determine the steps you must follow:  

  • Primary or Only Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband 
  • Secondary Line Without ADSL or FTTC Broadband 
  • Secondary Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband

Primary or Only Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband

To maintain both your broadband and Wan active service, you must keep a traditional telephone landline. This is because the industry treats a request to transfer a phone number as request to cancel both the landline and broadband service. To avoid an interruption in your services, complete the following before you request to transfer the number to Wan active:

  1. Request that your landline supplier install another telephone landline.
  2. Contact your broadband provider and ask them to the move your internet connection to the newly installed telephone landline. 
  3. Submit a request to transfer your phone number to Wan active once your new landline has been moved to your broadband internet connection.

Secondary Line Without ADSL or FTTC Broadband

You can transfer your number to Wan active without taking any other action. When the transfer is complete, the line attached to the transferred number will be cancelled.

Secondary Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband

Once the port to Wan active is complete, the secondary landline will be cancelled with the current supplier. 

  • If you want to cancel the broadband connection, contact your broadband supplier. 
  • If you want to keep the broadband connection, request that your landline supplier install another telephone line and then contact your broadband supplier to move your internet connection to the newly installed landline.

When you place a 999/112 call within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from a 3CX  Softphone app or IP phone your call will be routed to the Emergency Services call centre. When the centre receives your call, the operator will not have your address and may not have your phone number on hand, thus you must provide that information in order to assist the operator in determining where to route your call.

If you use the Service outside England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland you will not be able to call Emergency Services in the country where you are located.


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