Most frequent questions and answers

All our products & services subject to change. Wan active will ensure at least 30 days’ notice is given before any changes take effect.

Each year, your services provide by wan active will be adjusted on your April bill by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation announced in the preceding January.

At the point of sale, a credit check will need to be issued to residential and business customers. For all products and services with a minimum contract of 12 months or services over the cost of £25.00.

New 12 month minimum terms and separate contracts for  Broadband, Digital Voice. Standard prices apply after 12 months please check our price guide for residential and business services here.

New monthly  terms and separate contracts for  Flex Broadband, Digital Voice & Sip trunks. Standard prices apply after each month please check our price guide for residential and business services here.

Yes all our products and services for residential and business includes VAT within it price shown. Unless other wise stated you can check our price guide which  shows prices both including and excluding VAT.


Most frequent questions and answers

The connection fee involves activating your broadband service. If you do not have a compatible line or require an additional line at a new or existing property or business premise the connection fee will increase to £135.00 to install a new line and activate your broadband service.

This does exclude full-fiber broadband products which would require openreach or city fiber to do so site survey on new full-fiber installation.

Wan active average downloads speed are based on download speeds of 50% of our customer based at peak times (Home Users 8 PM to 10 PM & Business Users 12 pm to 2 PM.

No telephone is not included with any of our broadband services this is because we treat broadband and telephone as two separate products. If you wish to have a voice element with your broadband you can purchase our (VoIP ) service called digital voice.

If you are interested in our VoIP service check our digital voice for home or for digital voice for business

15% UK coverage. Average speeds based on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time  residential (8-10pm) and business (12-2pm).  Your actual speed will depend on home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day, Not available to customers without a mobile signal or reliant on their landline for emergency services..


City fibre & Openreach Survey: In some cases City Fibre and Openreach have to carry out a survey before they can connect a home or business to Full Fibre. To do this they may need access to your property. If they do we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time. If additional work is required, this may take longer than the initial set-up time provided and there could be additional costs. Our team of specialists will contact you to confirm what additional work is needed and how long this will take, usually within four weeks from the date your order was placed. If you don’t want to proceed with your upgrade based on this, you will be able to cancel your order and no charges will be applied to your account. Not all lines in an ultrafast Fibre area can support this service, call today 01234 939455 to see if you are eligible.

95% UK coverage. Average speeds based on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time  residential users (8-10pm) and business (12-2pm). Your actual speed will depend on your location, phone line, home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day, Not available to customers without a mobile signal or reliant on their landline for emergency services.. Check your speed at fast.com . Our  broadband is subject to availability, geographic location, computer specifications and a line check.

5G & 4G speeds vary by location, coverage and demand. Plans for use in fixed location only. monthly or 12 month min term. 4G coverage required.

Yes! By default, We provided one static IPv4 IP address free of charge. if your using our service for business and  you wish to have more please contact us.

Yes you can use your own router please let our ordering team know. Our team will ask when confirming your order.


Most frequent questions and answers
You will get 3 alerts if you exceed your tariff allowance the alert will be sent by email  & SMS which is registered on your account.
1st alert will be a warning if you exceed 50% of your allowance
2nd alert will be a warning if you exceed 80% of your allowance
3rd alert will be action taken if you exceed 100% of your allowance a bill limit protection bar will be placed on your account.

On all SIM-only and mobile broadband, we have a default bill limit of £10 this is to protect you from bill shock from going over tariff allowance at home or abroad. Once we are made aware that a user has hit £10 the account will be barred. Due to the delay in receiving roamed data, it’s likely that the cost will be higher than £10, however, you would only be charged £10.

The bar will lift automatically on the 1st of the following month. If you request the bar to be removed then you will be billed the full cost of what you have been used.

Wan Active’ unlimited bundles are truly unlimited where usage is appropriate to subscription type.
Inappropriate usage would be considered as the following:
> Any usage outside normal commercial practice
> Any usage made via automated means (also see Gateway/AIT FUP)
> Any usage that damages or impairs the hosting network
> Any usage considered fraudulent, abusive, illegal or a nuisance
> Data usage where users regularly tether to 12 or more devices or have used 650GB of data twice within a 6 month period
> Data usage where roaming outside of the UK and exceeding more than 25GB within a single billing period We may investigate usage in order to ascertain whether your unlimited usage is in line with these guidelines.
In the event inappropriate usage is determined then we reserve the right to restrict services, adjust the plan or terminate the agreement based on the severity of the misuse.

Wan active does not allow SIMs to be used in any equipment which enables the routing of calls or data (including, without limitation, text or picture messages) from fixed apparatus or standard devices to mobile equipment, by establishing a mobile to mobile call or transmission. Nor does it allow the use of any equipment which enables the sending of bulk SMS, voice or data services. wan active reserves the right to suspend without notice should we believe that such equipment is being used.

During the suspension, the liability for any access charges or calls will rest with the consumer who is in contract with us.

We are seeing more usage from customers when traveling on planes or boats some of which have their own mobile network available but the costs are very high. And most of the time exceed their bill limit which protects the customer from bill shock this, in turn, bar their account, so they are unable to use voice or data.

Please remember before going abroad or using any mobile service provided by sea or air to use airplane mode only use wifi if possible. All charges will be passed onto customers of any additional costs abroad.

You can check our mobile bolt ons below 



Digital Voice

Most frequent questions and answers

A simultaneous call is a single call calculated “end-to-end”.

So examples:

* A call from any entity to any other entity (extension, gateway line, provider line, DR, queue, whatever) is a SINGLE call.
* An inbound call over a gateway to an extension is a SINGLE call.
* An inbound call over a provider to an extension is a SINGLE call.
* An inbound call over a gateway/provider to a Queue is a SINGLE call – so if there are 5 people waiting in a queue, that’s FIVE calls.

* An inbound call over a gateway/provider to a DR (while it is connected to the DR) is a SINGLE call. When the PBX needs to transfer this call to some other destination (user presses some option, for example), the PBX puts the call on hold, makes a SECOND call to the new destination – meaning that for now these are 2 calls. When the transfer is completed, the PBX effectively joins the two calls together into a SINGLE session, bring the license utilization back to a SINGLE call

* An inbound call over a provider, forwarded across a bridge, to reach an extension on the other side of the bridge, will be a SINGLE call for EACH PBX at each end of the bridge.

No.  Some phone numbers with certain features cannot be ported.  This include those numbers with ISDN, Feature Line, Payphones, DDI and Remote Call Forward.  Wan active will inform you by email that your number cannot be transferred.

Some transfers are delayed because of contractual obligations, features and associated services such as DSL, Transfer Freeze, Distinctive Ring, Ring Master or CENTREX-related features and pending charges associated with the number that is being transferred.

Depending on your billing cycle, your transfer may have occurred in the middle of a billing cycle.  You may also be required to pay line rental fees, but check with your previous supplier for complete details.

On the day that your number is moved to Wan active, you may receive a minor disruption to service.  If you continue to experience difficulties, contact us.

You can transfer your phone number from your current communications supplier at any time after you subscribe to Wan active service.  The actions you perform to transfer your phone number depends on whether your services are supplied by a cable provider or non-cable provider.  Regardless, prior to the transfer, do not cancel your existing service because you will lose the phone number that you want to transfer. 

Cable Provider

When you transfer your phone number from a cable provider, such as Virgin Media, you can experience minimal disruption to your telephone service on the day that phone number is received by Wan active. Once the phone number is released by your previous supplier, your service with that supplier will be cancelled.  You will not experience any interruption to your broadband services, as the number transfer is unrelated.

Non-Cable Provider

When you transfer your number from a non-cable provider such as BT, your setup determine the steps you must follow:  

  • Primary or Only Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband 
  • Secondary Line Without ADSL or FTTC Broadband 
  • Secondary Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband

Primary or Only Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband

To maintain both your broadband and Wan active service, you must keep a traditional telephone landline. This is because the industry treats a request to transfer a phone number as request to cancel both the landline and broadband service. To avoid an interruption in your services, complete the following before you request to transfer the number to Wan active:

  1. Request that your landline supplier install another telephone landline.
  2. Contact your broadband provider and ask them to the move your internet connection to the newly installed telephone landline. 
  3. Submit a request to transfer your phone number to Wan active once your new landline has been moved to your broadband internet connection.

Secondary Line Without ADSL or FTTC Broadband

You can transfer your number to Wan active without taking any other action. When the transfer is complete, the line attached to the transferred number will be cancelled.

Secondary Line with ADSL or FTTC Broadband

Once the port to Wan active is complete, the secondary landline will be cancelled with the current supplier. 

  • If you want to cancel the broadband connection, contact your broadband supplier. 
  • If you want to keep the broadband connection, request that your landline supplier install another telephone line and then contact your broadband supplier to move your internet connection to the newly installed landline.

If your have non-cable communications supplier and you requested to transfer the phone number that is connected to your broadband service, your supplier may have disconnected both your landline phone and broadband when they received the request.  please check section above about transfer your number.

Your new communications supplier must submit a Letter of Authority (LOA) with 90 days of you closing your wan active account.

When you place a 999/112 call within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from a 3CX  Softphone or web client your call will be routed to the Emergency Services call centre. When the centre receives your call, the operator will not have your address and may not have your phone number on hand, thus you must provide that information in order to assist the operator in determining where to route your call.

If you use the Service outside England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland you will not be able to call Emergency Services in the country where you are located.