International Sip Breakout

Sip Breakout

Wan Active International SIP service delivers a single point of contact, in-country end-to-end access, full number provisioning and porting, local breakout enabling calls to emergency services, and number management. Maximise these opportunities and deliver the communications services your clients require with our International SIP Breakout solution.

As customers are increasingly spread across more than one continent providing a communication element covering multi continents and multi cities is an art within itself. Few companies can provide international breakout, our partners can either port or provision numbers in many countries.

With international SIP breakout if a user’s telephone number is German then any time a user dials out, that German number will be their outbound number. The call will be local rather than an international call.

Make, receive and transfer calls to and from Microsoft Teams like a traditional PBX system

The Benefits

Fast & Flexible Call Routing

Enable international users to connect via a hosted application or MS Teams tenant quickly and easily.

Hassle-Free Management

Centralised dialling plans with local numbers for all locations, and management of local services from a single location.

Significant Cost Savings

Minimise the number of suppliers. Consolidate SIP trunks with one global service provider.

Number Porting & Provisioning

We can provision and port telephone numbers internationally reaping significant cost savings.

Local Breakout

Use SIP trunks to route calls, regardless of location and allow users to call local emergency services from wherever they are.

Be Local Regardless of Your Location

Staff working internationally can have local numbers assigned to them. Calls are routed across the internet to the UK, reducing costs.

Future Proof your Business

PSTN services will be turned off in 2025, all businesses will have to move to a SIP Trunk based telephone application or hosted telephone application.

Facilitate a Global Workforce

Teams is the go-to collaboration tool, make it easy for customers to connect wherever they are.

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